Martin N. Johansen is a landscape- and wildlife photographer, who has pursued these passions for more than a decade. He is a native of Denmark.

His curiosity for the great outdoors, have led him to focus his work on environmental issues - photographing subjects about the natural world in locations around the globe.

He took his first black & white pictures with a Nikon FM of rural landscapes in Denmark at age eleven.

Enthusiastic about the outdoors since boyhood, Martin had his first images published with an article he wrote for a danish magazine back in 1986.

Since then, his work has appeared in numerous international magazines, calendars, posters as well as in various book-publications.

Martin is interested in conservation and he actively supports the preservation of wild habitats and ecosystems worldwide.

His on-going photographic projects about documenting the national parks, have led him to arrange several exhibitions and lectures concerning protected areas in Europe, Africa & North America.
A book of his work from the National Parks in France was published by Solar/Geo publication house in 1997.

In september 2009, he wrote and published a book about the North Atlantic regions - showing his work from East Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe islands in a coffee-table book.

Each year, Martin will arrange and lead field workshops and guide photographic tours for smaller groups of photographers to some of his favorite places...

All of Martin's wildlife images have been captured in the wild and not in "situations" or "game farms".

" In Aspen (Colorado), Martin N. Johansen's photographic skills, enthusiasm and energy have made him a force in the local arts community. Here at 'Digital Arts Aspen', his digitally projected presentation "The Seven National Parks of France" was enthusiastically received...
Through his published work, limited edition prints and public lectures he remain a strong advocate of the natural environment and precious the wild places of the world."

-David Hiser-
Former National Geographic contributing photographer & Research Associate at Digital Arts Aspen

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